Association of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia (AATSEA)


AATSEA is non-profitable organization and dedicated to a mission of long-term research, education and outreach related to the modern agricultural technology in Southeast Asia.

Mission. The primary mission of AATSEA is to conduct and stimulate long-term research on the relationships between members in Southeast Asia.

Operation. The ranch is managed at full production levels to collaborate for research purposes. Revenues from modern agricultural technology support research activities. This provides staff and visiting scientists a unique opportunity to visit each other both sides.

Research. Research at AATSEA has provided the research programs in advanced agricultural technology and has addressed various aspects of agriculture concern in environmental friendly.

Researchers include the on-site and visiting scientists among members’ laboratory and field work. Current projects include environmental friendly research for Organic Agriculture to meet world standard.

Cooperative Projects. AATSEA would appreciate to set up co—operative research laboratory among life member and honour members to do collaboration.