Search for the AATSEA Outstanding Leader Awards 2018

AATSEA award will be given to a prominent personality who has served the community in each criteria for over 10 years.

Categories and Criteria for selection

1. Education and Research

- Member of academe or any research institution

- Has published relevant researches related to agriculture in local and international journals

- His/her research outputs had been adapted by local farmers

- Actively participates in conferences/seminars to disseminate research findings

2. Community Development

- Helps community to establish cooperatives

- Has organized and conducted seminars/trainings related to agriculture with emphasis on organic farming

- Performs extension services to local farmers

3. Business and Entrepreneurship

- Helps farmers/community to sell their products at a competitive price

- Helps open market routes to farmers

4. Policy Making and Governance

- Government officer

- Proponent of laws/directives that promotes organic agriculture

- His proposed policies had been adapted and benefited farmers

5. Farming and Production

- Currently engaged in actual farming and production of crops/livestock

- Practices and promotes organic agriculture

- Extends training/extension work to fellow farmers and other clienteles

Qualifications and Nomination

- Nominated by other people

- All credentials and bio-data, recent photo and summary of bio-data (500 words) must be submitted along with the nomination

- Must have no pending administrative or criminal case

- Awardees must accept and go to receive awards by themselves at the 7th ICIST 2018 in Bali, Indonesia by their private expenses.

Nomination deadline 15 August 2018

Please submit full biodata of nominee together with recent photo (2”) and photo of activities and other important documents to Miss Rujira Tongon: or Miss Jiaojiao Song:

AATSEA Outstanding achievement Awards 2018