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Cerilles A.W.E. - Gahung-Gahung Organic Cassava Farming System: A Climate Change Adaptive and Poverty-Alleviating Farming Strategy. 1669-1675
Setyowati N., MuktamarZ. and PuspitasariI. - Weed Based Organic Fertilizer to Reduce Application of Synthetic Fertilizer in Mustard (Brassica sinensis L.). 1677-1683
Grineva I.A., Maslak D.V., Feklistova I.N., Skakun T.L., Sadovskaya L.E. and Maximova N.P.- Biological Preparations Developed by Belarusian State University for Environmentally Friendly Farming. 1685-1695
Sanputawong S., Raknim T. and Benchsri S. - Influence of different type of Culture Media and activated charcoal on Callus Induction and ShootMultiplication of Cadaminelyrata. 1697-1704
Fahrurrozi, Z. M., Setyowati N.,Sudjatmiko S. andChozin M.- Evaluation of Tithonia-enriched Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Organic Carrot Production. 1705-1712
Phong N.H., Pongnak W., Soytong K., Quyet N.T., Thu D.V., Cuong N.X. and Van L.T.N.- Comparison among Chemical, GAP and Organic method for tea cultivation in Vietnam. 1713-1730
Kerdsriseam C. and Suwanmaneepong S. - Organic Agricultural Producer Strategies in Supply Chain of Sustainable Agriculture Network, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. 1731-1742
Sangchan S. - Impact of Biofuel Production on Hydrology (A Case Study of KlongPhlo Watershed, Eastern Thailand). 1743-1754
Sukteeka S., Thanee N. , Punha S.,Jitpukdee S. and Sewakhonburi S. - Distribution of Millipedes in Family Harpagophoridae from different tropical forest types. 1755-1766
Jitpukdee S., Tantikamton K., Thanee N., and TantipanatipW. - Species diversity of benthic macrofauna in the intertidal zone of Krabi, Trang and Satun Coasts,Thailand. 1767-1780
Aroon S., Jacques G. Hill III, Artchawakom T., Pinmongkholgul S., Kupittayanant S. and Thanee N. - Ectoparasites associated with bats intropical forest of northeastern Thailand. 1781-1792
Nguyen T.H., Vo T.M.T., Nguyen T.H., Tran T.T.T., Le H. H.- Genetic Variability Analysis In Rice Mutant Lines From Gamma Rays Radiation Using Agromorphological And Ssr Markers 1793-1802
Poeaim, S.,Chobarporn, N. and Eiamampai, K. - Assessment of genetic diversity and relationships among Charadriusleschenaultii and Charadriusmongolus using AFLP markers. 1803-1812
Le D.T., Nguyen V.D. and Nguyen T.T. - Study on chrysanthemums breeding by gamma (Co60) irradiation on callus of 4 exotic varieties. 1813-1822
Okigbo R.N.,  Opara P.U. and Anuagasi, C.L. - Efficacy of extracts of water yam (Dioscoreaalata) and aerial yam (Dioscoreabulbifera) peels in the control of white yam (Dioscorearotundata) rot. 1823-1842
Divina, C.C.- Herbs and Spices: Plants Protecting Plants. 1843-1849
Jacob, J.K. S.,  David, E. S., Undan, J.R. - Fungal inhibiting capacity of an ethnobotanical plant from Imugan, Nueva Vizcaya against FusariumOxysporum and FusariumMoniliforme. 1851-1855
Ellamar, J.B., Kim, H.K. and Reyes, R.G.  - Bioconversion of Philippine Oil to Biologically Active Hydroxy Fatty Acid 7,10-dihydroxy-8(E)-octadecenoic acid (DOD) by Pseudomonas aeruginosa PR3. 1857-1873
Krumsri, R., Suwunnamek, U., Homhaul, W., Laosinwattana, C. and Poonpaiboonpipattana, T.  - Allelopathic effects of Bidenspilosa var. radiata and its utilization to control weeds in rice. 1875-1886
Tipawan T. and  Jarun T. - The Relationships  between  Thrips  Populations  and  Climatic  Factors, Mangosteen Development Stage in  Nakhon Si Thammarat  Province, Thailand. 1887-1896
Phung M.H., Pongnak W., Soytong K. and Poeaim S. - Identifications of Phytophthora spp. causing citrus root rots in Thailand. 1897-1910
Preecha C. Wisutthiphaet W. and Seephueak P. - The Occurrence and the Approach to Control of Root and Foot Rot of Pummelo (Citrus maxima (Burm.)Merr.)var. Tabtimsiam in Nakhorn Si Thammarat Province. 1911-1918
Tongon R. and Soytong K. - Application of nano-particles from Chaetomium globosum to control leaf spot of rice. 1919-1926
Song J.J., Pongnak W. and Soytong K. - Biological activity of endophytic fungi from palm trees against chili anthracnose caused by Colletotrichumcapsici. 1927-1940
Soytong, M. and Poeaim, S. - Antifungal activity of Talaromycesmuroii against coffee anthracnose. 1941-1948
Vannak S., SarayutP. and Soytong K.- Antifungal activities of endophytic fungi isolated from orchids against Colletotrichum sp. caused anthracnose in orchids. 1949-1961
Morêkia J.C. and Kgakole B.- Commercial developmentof the ostrich industry in Botswana. 1963-1972
Vichairattanatragul P.,Thanee N. and Keeratiurai P.- Carbon massflow and greenhouse gases emission from livestock productions in Thailand: case study of NakhonRatchasima, Chon Buri and PrachinBuri provinces. 1973-1986
Domingo C.Y.J. and Paraguison-Alili R. - RT-LAMP Test Kit: A New Generation of Molecular Quick Test Kit for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV). 1987-2008
Kaewploy N., Phonpakdee R., Siriwan N.,Poungsuk P. and Aquino M.U. - The Desires Of People To Fattening Mud Crab In The Mangrove Of La-ngu District, Satun Province. 2009-2016
MuktamarZ., HasibuanS.Y.K., SuryatiD. and SetyowatiN. - Column Study of Nitrate Downward Movement and Selected Soil Chemical Properties’ Change in Mine Spoiled Soil as Influenced by Local Based Liquid Organic Fertilizer. 2017-2027
Rongsan P., Poungsuk P., and Intorrathed S. - Factor Condition of Animal Science Farms in Institutes of Vocational in Agriculture of Northeastern Region, Thailand. 2029-2041
Wattana S., Poungsuk P.,Phonpakdee R. and Deeying S. - Needs for the Development of a School Agricultural Learning Center (SALC) Model of Students’ Guardians, PraibuengWittaya School, Praibueng District, Srisaket Province. 2043-2051
Fakkhong S. and Suwanmaneepong S. - Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Rice Production in Peri-Urban Area, Bangkok, Thailand. 2053-2062
Araya M., Poungsuk P., Siriwan N.and Intorrathed S. - The Model Development of Agricultural Education Management of BuriramRajabhat University: A Case study of the opinion on Informal Education. 2063-2070
Preeyanan S., Pakkapong P., andDuanrung B. - Community Participation in Agro-tourism Development at Klongplu,Khaokitchakood, Chanthaburi Province. 2071-2080
Udomsup A. and Tangsupvattana A. - Hotel Businesses and Their Connection to Local Governments: A Comparative Case Study between Chao Samran Beach and Cha-am Beach. 2081-2085
Tawit R. and Poungsuk P. - Needs for Developing Sustainable Agricultural Learning Sources in Wangkwang Community, Nam Nao District, Phetchabun Province. 2087-2098
Dolojan F.M. - Standardization And Commercialization Of Chevon  Products. 2099-2109
Danesh Y.R.- Truffles: What we know and what should we know?. 2111-2117
Sondee U., Preecha S., Junnim P., Ranglek C. and Prasong P. - Accounting  Development  for  Sustainable  Production  of  Indigenous  Rice  in  Southern  Part  of  Thailand. 2119-2126
Wiangsamut B., Umnat P. and Koolpluksee M. - Growth, yield components, agronomic traits, kernel yield, cost and benefit of the NK48 corn genotype grown in tillage and no-tillage soils with different rice residue management practices. 2127-2147
Hoang M.T., Nguyen H.H., Nguyen T.T., Nguyen V.T. and Luu N.Q. - Study on the effect of some of N, P, K Fertilizer Compounds on the Yield and Quality of Bp53 Rice Variety. 2149-2156
Nguyen H.L. and Phong H.M. - Study on Interplating Density of Taros (Colocasiaesculenta (L.) Schott) in Acacia (Acacia mangiumWilld) Plantation under the Agroforestry Model in Bac Kan Province. 2157-2165
Poonpaiboonpipattana, T., Suwunnamek, U. and Laosinwattana, C. - Screening on allelopathic potential of 12 leguminous plants on germination and growth of barnyardgrass. 2167-2175
Preecha C., Wisutthiphaet W., Seephueak P. and Thongliumnak S. - Development of Spawn Culture Material from Reused Spawn for Cultivation Split Gill Mushroom (Schizophyllum commune). 2177-2181
Thuong H.Q., Ngan H.T.H., Xuan H.T.H. and Viet D.T. - Additional Findings Nutrition or Growth RegulatorThrough The Root and Foliar for Hac Tri Persimmon in PhuTho, Vietnam. 2183-2193
Nguyen V.T., Nguyen T.M.P, Phung L.Q. and Nguyen H.H. - Result of Breeding and Selecting High Amino Acid and Reduced Sugar Content-Tea Varieties for High Quality Green Tea Processing in Vietnam. 2195-2204
Ha T.T.D. and Nguyen V.T. - To study the effect of microbial products on yield and quality of tea and soil properties. 2205-2210
Nakorn S.N., Chalumpak C., and Sangwiroonton K. - Effect of crop load on fruit development and fruit quality of pummelo var. Tabtimsiam. 2211-2217
Charoensuk K., Vipatjarernlap T. and Anartngam P. - Investigation of rambutan sugar granule production process and its sensory quality. 2219-2226
Mongkontanawat, N.and  Wongekalak, L. - Effect of Blanching on Β-glucanContent of Native Mushrooms in Thailand. 2227-2237
Nguyen V.T., Nguyen T.T.H. and Trinh T.K.M. - Evaluating characteristics related to drought tolerance in tea genetic resources as the basis to select new tea clone with drought resistance. 2239-2248
Changsawake K., Krusong W., Laosinwattana. and  Teerarak M. - Use of ambient upland rice fermented vinegar vapor to extend shelf life of sweet basil (Ocimumbasilicum Linn.). 2249-2256
Vareeket R. and Soytong K. - Evaluation of photosynthesizing bacteria for the growth of rice var. RD41. 2257-2261
Luu M.C., Phung T.Q., Luu T.N.H. and Le H.H. - Breeding for the Salinity Tolerance Rice Variety in Vietnam. 2263-2272
Jamsawat V., Felomino V. Mamuad and Emma V. Venturina - Effects of  PGF2α  and GnRH on  Reproductive Performance of Cattle and Buffaloes in Thailand and Philippines. 2273-2281
Edeneil Jerome P. Valete, Excel Rio S. Maylem, Marlon B. Ocampo, Evaristo A. Abella and Lerma C. Ocampo - Post MortemViability of Epididymal Sperm  from Philippine Native Water Buffalo (Bubalusbubalis). 2283-2294
Injana, Wuttikorn, SarawutIntrarathet, RatchadakornPhonpakdee, and PakkapongPoungsuk - Knowledge Management Adoption of Animal Husbandry onBroiler Farms in Western Thailand. 2295-2300
Nguyen T.N. and Nguyen T.Q. - Practical Application of Medical Plant Powders as an Alternative of Antibiotic Growth Promoter in Pig Feed. 2301-2307
Ocampo, M.B. and Ocampo, L.C. - Strategies to Improve theDevelopmental Competence of Water Buffalo OocytesIn Vitro. 2309-2323
Suteky T. and Dwatmadji - Ethnoveterinary technology for parasite dewormer to support goat-oil palm integration in Bengkulu Indonesia. 2325-2331
Vichiratanatrakul P., Thanee N., Paiboon N., Tantipanatip W. and Thanee T. - Carbon emission from energy use in Thai native chicken production in NakhonRatchasima province, Thailand. 2333-2341
Ocampo M.B. and Ocampo L.C. - A Protocol for the In Vitro Production of Bubaline Embryos: The Philippine Experience. 2343-2357
Phan T.Y. and Cao V. - Effects of stocking density, feed and hormones on Artificial reproduction of Tire track eel (Mastacembelusarmatus). 2359-2368
Netnapa Pongpetch and NitiAmchuen - Assessment of Heavy Metals in Fish and Water in Cage Fish Culture at Loei River, Loei Province. 2369-2375
Leah S. Guzman - Non-Experimental Validation of the Effectiveness of Ethno-Veterinary Botanical Medicine (EVB-M) Materials Used in the Municipality of EchagueIsabela. 2377-2389
Prempramote J., Meepoka C., Samakraman S. and Ganmanee M. - Determination of 1-Hydroxyrene and 2-Napthol in intertidal rocky shore macrobenthos following oil spill at AoPrao, Samed Island. 2391-2399
Tawatao K.M., Manaois II F.V., Ocampo L.C. and Ocampo M.B. - Folic  acid supplementation for bovine oocyte maturation and fertilization in vitro. 2401-2409
Malaitad, T., Poeaim, S. and Eiamampai, K. - Sex identification in barn swallows (Hirundorustica Linnaeus) by molecular technique. 2411-2418
Dwatmadji, T. Suteky, and E. Soetrisno - Evaluating rotational grazing technology for integrated Bali cattle-oil palm system on herbage production to support sustainable meat production in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. Journal of Agricultural Technology. 2419-2424
Tran T.T.H., Nguyen V.M. and Cao P.B. - Amino acid composition and nutritional value of seed proteins in some sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) cultivars grown in Vietnam. 2425-243
Vo,T. M.T., Nguyen, T. H., Phan, Q. M., Nguyen, T. H., Le ,H. H. - Applications of gamma rays irradiation and marker assisted selection for improving of bacterial leaf blight resistant rice variety, BT62.1. 2441-2449
Thongjua, T.,  Thongjua,J., Sriwareen,J. and Khumpairun, J . - Attraction Effect of  Thrips (Thysanoptera :Thripidae) to Sticky Trap Color on  Orchid Greenhouse Condition. 2451-2455
Phadungpran P., Pongnak W. and Soytong K. - Biological Activity of metabolites from Lepiotaprocera against plant pathogen (Colletotrichumcapsici). 2457-2461
Name, J., Bumroongsooka, S., Tigvattananontand, S. - The Red Stainer Bug, Dysdercuscingulatus (F.). 2463-2468
Pham, T.L.,  Ngo, T.L., Cao, V., Nguyen, T. K. T., Nguyen, Đ. T. - Building the models of Intergrated Pest Management (IPM) for Cinnamomum cassia in Van Yen district, Yen Bai province. 2469-2480
Poeaim A., Poeaim S., Pongtongkam P. and Arananant J. - Callus Induction and Cell Suspension Cultures of Rhizome Peanut (Arachisglabrata) Cultivars: Arbrook. 2481-2488
Sumeldan, J.D., Ocampo, L.C. ,Atabay, E.P. , Celestino, E.F. , Lazaro,J.V. , Ocampo, M.B. - Comparison on the efficiency of estrus synchronization methods for artificial insemination in goats. 2489-2497
Preecha, S.,Choovong ,P., Anunon, P.,Hnoosong, M., Roonglavan, J.,Thongrakjan, W., Suvansee,W.,Preecha, C. - Cost and Return of Straw Mushroom Cultivation Comparison Between Rice Straw and Oil Palm Bunch. 2499-2504
Kliangklao, N., Tigvattananont, S., Bumroongsook, S. - Distribution and Life History of Hawk Moths on Noni Plants in Thailand. 2505-2513
Thongjua, J. andThongjua, T. - Faculty of Agriculture,RajamangalaUniversity of Technology Srivijaya,NakhonSiThammarat  80110, Thailand. 2515-2522
Somporn , N. N. andChalumpak , C. - Effect of manure and chemical fertilizer on vegetative growth of off-season durian production. 2523-2529
Lemuel M. A., Fely V. II, Lerma C. O. and Marlon B. O. - Evaluation of bioassay using in vitro matured water buffalo oocytes in predicting bull sperm fertility. 2531-2538
Ambe R.M., Viernes V.D., CelestinoJr  E.F., Ocampo L.C. and Ocampo M.B. - Evaluation of sequential changes on 1st meiotic division of goat oocytes in vitro. 2539-2546
Cao P.B. and Tran T.T.H. - InSilico identification, classification and expression analysis of genes encoding putative light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b-binding proteins in coffee (Coffeacanephora L.). 2547-2561
N.T.Quyen , N.T.K. Lan, C. Van, N.T. Nang - A Study on Prevalence of Intestinal Nematodes in Dogs in Phutho Province. 2563-2576
Lan N.T.K., Quyen N.T., Van C. and Nang N.T. - Study on Toxocaracanis in Experimentaly Infected Dogs by Toxocaracanis. 2577-2588
Meekhunthod M., Bumroongsookand S.andTigvattananont S. - The Biological Control Agent of Water Primrose:Theretrasilhetensis (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae). 2589-2596
Kamlangkla N.,Bumroongsook S. and  Tigvattananont S. - Thyascoronata (F.): a fruit piercing moth. 2597-2606