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Mongkontanawat, N. - Product development of fruit tea mixed with “Hed Krang” (Schizophyllum commune). 1665-1676
Phitthayaphinant, P. and Satsue, P. - Assessing economic efficiency of oil palm production in Aoluek district, Krabi province. 1677-1690
Idowu, D.O. and Owolarafe, O.K. - A study of some hydro-aerodynamic properties of snake gourd (Trichosantescucumerina L) seed, kernel and chaff. 1691-1701
V. Nozari and S.M.Mazloumzadeh - Date fruits grading based on some physical properties. 1703-1713
Akhter Ali and Olaf Erenstein - Impact of zero tillage adoption on household welfare in Pakistan. 1715-1729
Ethan, S., A.K. Gana, A.C. Wada and J. Baba - Effect of irrigation intervals on the yield of three released sugarcane varieties in Nigeria. 1731-1738
K. Vanitha, S. Mohandass and S. Chellamuthu - Assimilate partitioning pattern in aerobic rice as influenced by drip biogation. 1739-1747
M. Shariot-Ullah, M.A. Mojid, S.S. Tabriz, T.K. Acharjee and A.K.M. Adham - Growth and yield of three hybrid maize varieties under different irrigation levels. 1749-1758
H.O. Obikaonu, N.J. OkeudoI.C.Okoli and A.B. Udedibie - Carcass and internal organ characteristics of finisher broilers fed neem(Azadirachtaindica) leaf meal. 1759-1767
Nishant Patel, Dilip Kumar Jha, Ashok Kumar Shrivastava and Kathirvelu Baskar - Performance of Gramapriya poultry birds under different systems of management. 1769-1774
SuthusPhuakgeen and PraneetNgamsnae - Assessment of dietary protein requirement on growth performance of young Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodongigas), cultured in floating net cages. 1775-1788
Jayvee A. Cruz, Evelyn F. Delfin, and Erlinda S. Paterno - Promotion of upland rice growth by actinomycetes under growth room condition. 1789-1797
Ibrahim A. Hamzah, Hayba Q. Younan, Abdul kareem A. Al-kazaz, Ziyad A.Abed and Radhi T.Abed - Determining genetic distance by RAPD-PCR of maize inbred lines produced by reciprocal recurrent selection. 1799-1807
Mari, J.M., Chachar, S.D., Chachar, Q.I. and Kallar, S.A. - Insect diversity in chickpea ecosystem. 1809-1819
D’Cunha, M. and Sridhar, K.R - Agrobotanical traits of wild legumes Canavalia on the coastal sand dunes. 1821-1836
T.S. Avinash and V. Ravishankar Rai - identification of diverse fungi related with selected cucurbitaceae vegetables. 1837-1848
Usman Pato and Ingrid S. Surono - Bile and acid tolerance of lactic acid bacteria isolated from tempoyak and their probiotic potential. 1849-1862
Robert J. McGovern, WorawanChaleeprom, WitchaChaleeprom, Pnitpim McGovern and Chaiwat To-anun - Evaluation of soil solarization and amendments as production practices for lettuce and vegetable soybean in northern Thailand. 1863-1872
SumaleeMensin, Robert J. McGovern and Chaiwat To-anun - Control of root-knot nematodes by biological agents (Nematophagous Fungi) in field experiments. 1873-1882
Suwan, N. and Na-Lampang, S. - Characterization and evaluation of carbendazim-resistance response of Colletotrichum species 1883-1894
Vilasinee Seangnak, Chingchai Chaisiri and Sarunya Nalumpang - Antagonistic Streptomyces species can protect chili plants against wilt disease caused by Fusarium. 1895-1908
Apetorgbor, M.M., Dabo, J., Apetorgbor, A.K. and Abugre, S. - Response of four agricultural seeds and crops to allelopathic effect of some medicinal plant species in Ghana. 1909-1925
HandsenTibugari, Fortune Kaundura and Ronald Mandumbu - Berchemia discolour response to different scarification methods. 1927-1935
Hossam F. Abou-Shaara, Ahmad A. Al-Ghamdi and Abdelsalam A. Mohamed - Identifying possible regions for using modified beehives in Saudi Arabia using a geographical information system (GIS). 1937-1945
Maji, E.A. and Imolehin, E.D. - Integrated management of acha brown leaf spot disease through the use of nitrogen fertilizer and the fungicide kitazine 1947-1953
Mardia E. ElHag, Isam A. Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed M. Eltayeb and Elfadil E. Babiker - Effect of fermentation and/or cooking on protein fractions and sensory characteristics of sorghum supplemented with groundnut flour. 1955-1971
Mari, J.M., Laghri, R.B. and Mari, A. Shah, Shahzadi, A.K. - To observe population fluctuation of citrus whitefly in lemon trees. 1973-1979
Mari, J.M., Laghri, R.B. and Mari, A. Shah and Shahzadi, A.K - Eco friendly pest management of chili crop. 1981-1992
Premrudee Domyos and SompongTe-chato - In vitro propagation of Lepironia articulata in Kuan Kreng Peatlands, Nakhon Si Thammrat. 1993-2004
Shende, C.B. and Manik, S.R. - Direct regeneration from axillary bud explants of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni- A medicinal plant. 2005-2011