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Davies, R.M. - Physical and mechanical properties of palm fruit, kernel and nut. 2147-2156
Ghobadi, M., Shafiei Abnavi, M., Jalali–Honarmand, S., Mohammadi, G.R. andGhobadi, M.E. - Effects of seed priming with some plant growth regulators (Cytokinin and Salicylic acid) on germination parameters in wheat (Triticumaestivum L.). 2157-2167
Saki, A.A and Sahebi Ala, F. - Amino acids digestibility, metabolizable energy availability, carcass and digestive tract status in response to wheat screening and multi enzyme in Japanese quail. 2169-2186
Munesh Kumar Anemsh, K., Mehraj A. Sheikh and Antony J. Raj - Structure and carbon stock potential in traditional agro forestry system of Garhwal Himalaya. 2187-2200
Noelia Cofré, Alejandra Becerra, Eduardo Nouhra and Florencia Soteras - Arbuscular mycorrhizae and dark-septate endophytes on Atriplex cordobensis in saline sites from Argentina. 2201-2214
Quyen Bao-Thuy Ho, Akira Suzuki and Thao Phuong Nguyen - Photo-responses of the fruit body formation in two ectomycorrhizal fungi Alnicola lactariolens and Hebeloma vinosophyllum. 2215-2225
Divsalar, N., Jamali S., Pedramfar, H. and Taheri, H. - Root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus spp.)on citrusin south-west of Caspian Sea. 2227-2238
El- Sayed Hussein El- Sayed Ziedan - First report of Alternaria pod blight of okra in Egypt. .2239-2243
P.K.Singh and Vijay Kumar - Differential biocontrol and rhizosphere competence ability in strains of Trichoderma harzianum. 2245-2257
Sumalee Mensin, Kasem Soytong, Robert J McGovern and Chaiwat To-anun - Selection of efficient nematophagous fungi against root-knot nematodes in the highland cultivated area. .2259-2272
Ajaz Ahmed Malik and V.K.Vashisht - Correlation among growth, yield and quality attributes in the indigenous and exotic accessions of Cucumis melo L. 2273-2281
Arawande, Jacob Olalekan, Komolafe, Eniayo Ayodeji and Ijitona, Olugbenga Olufemi - Antioxidative effect of wild lettuce (Launaea taraxaciafolia) on stability of refined soybean oil. 2283-2295
Isma-ae Chelong and Sayan Sdoodee - Pollen viability, pollen germination and pollen tube growth of Shogun (Citrus reticulata Blanco) under climate variability in southern Thailand. 2297-2307
Handsen Tibugari, Cecilia Paradza and Dzingai Rukuni - Germination response of cat’s whiskers (Cleome gynandra L.) seeds to heat shock, potassium nitrate and puncturing. 2309-2317
M. Race, O. Karabo, M. Obopile, B. Tiroesele, R. Mmolotsi, M. Rampart and A.B.N. Tshegofatso - Effects of Moringa oleifera root and leaf powder on reproductive capacity and damage caused on stored cowpea seed by Callosobruchus maculatus (F). 2319-2329
N. Memon, A. Yasmin, V. M. Pahoja, Z. Hussain and I. Ahmad - In vitro regeneration of gladiolus propagules. 2331-2351
Pittipa Suttitanawat, Pittaya Sruamsiri and Korawan Sringarm - Changes in cytokinins concentrations during induction period of longan cv. Daw in sand culture. 2353-2362
Seyed Morteza Zahedi, Naser Alemzadeh Ansari and Mehrdad Azizi - The study of the effect of salinity stress on the germination and the initial growth of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp). 2363-2372
Soontreeya Kalawong and Sompong Te-chato - Factors affecting gene transformation in embryogenic callus of oil palm by bombardment technique. 2373-2384
Suneerat Wattanasilakorn, Sayan Sdoodee, Charassri Nualsri and Samerchai Chuenchit - Screening of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg.) rootstocks for the white root disease resistance. 2385-2395
Suphat Rittirat, Soisiri Kongruk and Sompong Te-chato - Induction of protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) and plantlet regeneration from wounded protocorms of Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi (Breda) Blume & Rchb. f. 2397-2407
U. Mazarura - Effects of ozone exposure on free radical signals in photosystem I and on chlorophyll fluorescence in green foxtail, Setaria viridis Beauv. 2409-2421
Zhang Yinxia and Te-chato, S. - Callus induction and plantlet regeneration from mature embryos of indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivar Hom Kra Dang Ngah. 2423-2433